“Engineer” is a status for a person who wish to work as scientific engineers, IT engineers, etc. in Japan.

 Engineer visa is one of the working visa(work permit) in Japan.


Activities to engage in services, which require technology and/or knowledge pertinent to physical science, engineering or other natural science fields, based on a contract with a public or private organization in  Japan (except for the activities listed in the right-hand column of the “Professor” column of Table (1) and except for the activities listed in the  right-hand column of the “Investor/Business Manager”, “Medical Services”, “Researcher”, “Instructor”, “Intra-company Transferee” and “Entertainer” columnsof this table.



(i) Certificate of matters entered in the registry and a copy
of the profit and loss statement of the inviting organization.
(ii) Material certifying the contents of business of the inviting organization.
(iii) Graduation certificate or a certificate pertaining to the period during which the alien majored in subjects pertaining to the activities, and a document certifying the alien’s career.
(iv) Document certifying the contents and period of the activities and the alien’s position and reward.

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