Intra-Company Transferee Visa is, generally, a status of residence  required when a worker of foreign company is transferred from the headquarter  to the branch in Japan.

Similarly  the visa is required when a non-Japanese worker of Japanese subsidiary/relating  company is transferred to the headquarter in Japan.

However, the one who may be transferred with this is a worker who  corresponds to the definitions of status of residence which are “Engineer” or “Specialist  in Humanities/International”. Please note even though it is for intra-company  transfer the employee engaging in simple work are not eligible for the visa.

We have a lot of experience and good record in establishment of offices  and branches in Japan of foreign companies. We are able to give appropriate  advice to foreign-related companies planning to start businesses in Japan.


Activities on the part of a personnel who is transferred to a business office in Japan for a limited period of time from a business office established in a foreign country by a public or private organization which has a head office, branch office or other business office in Japan and who engages at this business office in the activities listed in the right-hand column of the “Engineer” and “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” columns of this table.



(i) Document indicating the relationship between the business offices in the foreign country and in Japan.
(ii) Certificate of matters entered in the registry, a copy of the profit and loss statement and a material
certifying the contents of business of the business office in Japan.
Document certifying the contents of duty and employment period at the business office in the foreign country.
(iv) Certificate of matters entered in the  registry of the business office in the foreign country and a material certifying the office’s outline.
(v) Document certifying the contents and period of the activities and the alien’s position and reward.
(vi) Graduate certificate and a document certifying the alien’s background.

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