Our Legal Services

Our Standard Service Fee

 Immigration procedures

1. Application for foreign residents entering/staying in Japan
2. Application for long term and permanent residency
3. Application for obtaining nationality
4. Visa for foreign resident employees
5. Translation and certification of legal documents


Business registration procedures

1. Establishing a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK,corporation) or a Goudou Kaisha (GK,LLC)
2. Establishing foundations (medical institutions/schools/associations)
3. Starting a joint venture.
4. Altering business incorporation status.
5. Increasing or decreasing capital of corporation
6. Amending the articles of corporation
7. Opening a foreign branch office in Japan
8. Other small and medium sized business matters

Construction/Real Estate Matters

1. Applying for general construction industry licenses
2. Applying for the examination of business conditions of a construction company
3. Applying for entry in government and public bidders’ lists regarding contract construction work, etc
4. Applying for a realtor license
5. Applying for an electrical construction trade registration
6. Applying for an industrial waste disposal business license
7. Application for an ELV Recycling Law license


When opening a restaurant/amusement facility

1. Applying  for a restaurant business license
2. Applying for fishery, dairy products or foodstuff manufacturers, etc licenses
3. Applying for entertainment and amusement business licenses
4. Applying for hotel (Ryokan), beauty saloon, or dry cleaner business licenses
5. Drafting or Investigating agreements for business
5. Applying for late-night bar (offering alcohol) licenses


Our Standard Service Fee