New status of residence “Specified Skills Visa”


Areas subject to acceptance of specified skills visa

Even if we are making efforts to improve productivity and secure domestic human resources, the areas subject to acceptance of the new status of residence “specified skills” are tightened so that foreign human resources are deemed necessary for the survival of that field It is regarded as industry type.


In particular, Specified Skills No. 1 is “Care, Building Cleaning, Agriculture, Fishery, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Food Service, Molding Material Industry, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Electricity ·Electric information related industries, construction industry, shipbuilding marine industry, car maintenance business, aviation industry, accommodation industry (14 industries) “, for specific skill number 2,”We are planning to target” construction industry, shipbuilding marine industry, automobile maintenance industry, aviation industry, accommodation industry (5 industries) “.


It should be noted that, with respect to these target industries, Minister of ministries and agencies under the jurisdiction of that industry is said to take measures to suspend acceptance as necessary, such as when talent shortages are resolved. And it is said that acceptance can be restarted when labor shortage comes again.




 “Specified skills number 1”and “Specified skills number 2”


The new status of residence “Specified Skills” is defined as “Specified Skills No. 1” engaged in work requiring a certain skill and “Specified Skills No. 2” engaged in skilled work requiring skill belonging to the same field. It is classified into two:



Explanation of “Specific Skill No. 1”


Skill level and Japanese language ability requirement


A certain “skill level” required for Specific Skill No. 1 shall have knowledge and experience necessary for acting as an immediate fighting force in the field to be accepted, and it will be confirmed by the examination etc. stipulated by the competent ministries of each business. The contents of the business and the contents of the duties in the targeted industry are wide, and there are differences in requirements that are required by the type of business you accept and the duties of that business.


For example, for specific skills (dining out), the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Administration under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries undertakes “Eating Skill Measurement Test (tentative name)”, for specific skills (accommodation) the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport conducted “Accommodation skill measurement test (tentative name)” which you have to pass.


In addition, the Japanese level of competence is basically based on having a level of ability to conduct daily conversation to a certain extent and having no obstacle to daily life, while confirming the level of Japanese proficiency by examination or the like determined taking into consideration the level of capability required for business in each accepting field.


For example, for a specific skill (dining out), you need to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the ministries concerned, or you will be required to have the Japanese proficiency of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or above. By the way, there is also a field that imposes a Japanese test related to nursing care services, especially like nursing care.


For specific skills, we do not ask for the number of years of practical experience related to current job skill required for current work / humanities knowledge, international business visa or skill visa, related educational background etc.


Additional requirements


1) The fact that the foreign national is 18 years of age or older And

2) That the deposit is not collected from the introducer etc. from the viewpoint of protecting the foreign person himself, etc. will be included in the Ordinance of Landing Standards.

  • There is no collection of security deposits from introducer etc.
  • Certain skills such as foreigners being over 18 years of age


Materials necessary for applying for specific skill number 1 (example)

Specific skills Material that clarifies the outline of the affiliated institution

Document certifying the content, duration, status and compensation of the activity

Documents pertaining to assistance to the applicant by the specified skill belonging organization

Materials that prove Japanese proficiency

Materials certifying the skills possessed by the engaged business

When there is a person who mediated on the conclusion of a specified skill employment contract or the outline of the mediation


Update of period of stay


No. 1 specified skill

The period of stay of a foreign national is up to 5 years total.

And the period of stay (renewable) per one year is 1 year, 6 months or 4 months.


Change of status of residence from technical interns

Those who completed Technical Intern training No. 2 will be exempted from the examination on the above “skill level” and “Japanese ability”. Therefore, it is also assumed that foreign researchers currently residing in Technical Intern Training No. 2 will change their status of residence to Specified Skills and work as they are.

Relationship with technology, humanities knowledge, international business visa


Furthermore, if you pass the exam of a specific skill visa (dining out) in the case where technology, humanities knowledge, international business visa was not accepted from the contents of duties conventionally regarded as simple labor engaged in the past, for example, in the restaurant service industry, You will be able to work as a hall staff and cooking aid for food service companies with a certain skill of residence status. ※ Reference: Specified Skills Visa and Food Service Industry You will be able to engage in jobs such as room cleaning and luggage transport other than the front translation services such as interpreters at accommodation facilities.


Family Ban


“Specified Skills number 1” families cannot basically be admitted. In addition, chances are that you will be able to change jobs within the range of permitted activities. And “Specified Skills No. 1” is said to be able to shift to “Specific Skill No. 2” by passing certain tests determined by the ministry concerned for each industry etc.(It is being studied that families are allowed to call in the specific skill number 2).


Can you apply for permanent residence


The term of residence of Specific Skill No. 1 is 5 years in a row, and it seems that discussion is being made in the direction to exclude from the period of employment which becomes the requirement of permanent residence application for the period of work for Specific Skill No. 1. However, after changing to Specified Skills No. 2, it is also considered to be able to apply for permanent residence by satisfying the requirements of renewal of the period of stay and other permanent residential qualifications.



Scale of receiving staff (government estimate)

The government estimates the number of people accepted for “Specified Skills No. 1” limited to the above 14 industries. It is assumed that the maximum of 47,550 people will be accepted in the first fiscal year in fiscal year 2007, and the maximum of 345,150 people will be accepted for the following five years.

In FY 2007, it is estimated that about 60% of them will be foreign workers shifted from the current technical interns to specified skill No. 1, which will account for 45% even after five years.


On the other hand, as the new system is positioned as “not an immigration policy”, we plan to operate with an “upper limit” for the number of people accepted.When approaching the upper limit, it seems to judge whether acceptance should be stopped for each type of industry. Moreover, it is a policy not to establish acceptance frame by country.


By the way, according to the government estimate, the total of the above 14 industries totaled 588,600 in the first year, with manpower shortage. It is estimated that it will be expanded to 1.45 million in 5 years and if we accept up to 340,000 foreign workers in 5 years, we can make up only about 20% of it.


Explanation of “Specific Skill No. 2”

Change from the Specified Skills No. 1


You can shift to “Specified Skills No. 2” by passing the exam specified by the competent ministry concerned for each industry from “Specified Skills No. 1”.


Period of Stay · Family ban


The period of stay does not have an upper limit such as 5 years of specific skill number 1, and it will be renewed every certain period like other work visas (technology, humanities knowledge, international work and skills, etc.). The renewal period will be 3 years, 1 year or 6 months.


In that case, it is possible to satisfy the requirement of permanent residence application (like staying in Japan for more than 10 years, working in a status of residence that can work more than 5 years, etc) like other residence status of working system It is discussed also.


It is also considered to make it possible for family members to stay.

Flow of acquiring specific skills


To acquire Specific Skill No. 1, there are (1) a flow in which a person completing Technical Intern Training No. 2 gets exempted from the exam and shifts to Specific Skill No. 1, and other foreigners will learn about Japanese language proficiency and skill level in each industry We will assume the flow of obtaining after receiving the examination etc prescribed by the supervising ministries and agencies.


Also, those who pass the exam specified by each industry from Specific Skill No. 1 will be transferred to Specific Skill No. 2.


Specific skill Affiliation organization (receiving company) and registration support organization


Foreign human resources shall report to the Director-General of Immigration Control Agency about the status of residence of “specified skills”, and the designated skill belonging organization (company where foreigner works) and the designated skill belonging organization who approved by the Director-General of Immigration Control Agency and you will be working with an employment contract or a temporary contract. Provide assistance in daily life and occupational life to enable foreign human resources to conduct activities in a stable and smooth manner in Japan with specific skill belonging organization or registration support organization (An organization that supports foreign talents on behalf of the company at work). The Director-General of Immigration Control Agency has the authority to investigate whether or not they operate properly, guidance advice, improvement order, etc. to the specific technical affiliation organization and registration support organization.


Specific Skills Affiliation organizations and registration support organizations set standards for compliance with labor-related laws and social insurance-related laws and regulations and the ability and system to appropriately support them. It also refers to related administrative agencies cooperating to take measures to prevent interventions such as malicious intermediaries.


[Specific skill belonging organization (accepting organization)] is a company where foreign talented people actually work contracts. In principle, it is assumed that you will hire directly, but depending on the type of business and field you can also have a form of temporary contract. In contracts concluded with foreign nationals (specified skill employment contract), payment of compensation equal to or more than that of Japanese, compliance with laws related to labor law and social insurance, implementation of foreign support plan are required. In addition, we have an obligation to notify the immigration authorities about points stipulated for foreign nationals working with specific skills.


[Registration Support Organization] It is an institution that creates support plans for foreign talents on behalf of companies that accept foreign talented people, and actually supports living guidance and Japanese language education, Private organizations and experts such as labor force who satisfy the ability and system to support foreign talent are assumed.


It is necessary to register with the Director-General of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs of the immigration control agency, and renewal is required every five years. Registration refusal business operators such as enterprises who violate the law on immigration law, technical intern training law, social insurance system, etc. are set up, In that case, the Director-General of the immigration control office refuses the registration.


Support for foreign human resources by host institution / registration support organization (specific skill No. 1 only)


(It is assumed that society life in Japan is still unfamiliar) Foreign human resources of Specific Skill No. 1 is stable ·The host institution or registration support agency is supposed to support the daily life, the occupation life or the social life so that smooth activities can be carried out.Contents of support include guidance for living before entering the country as listed below (1) to (8), securing of housing, support for acquiring Japanese language, and career change in case it is not self-convened retirement.


In addition, the establishment of the “Japanese Language Education Promotion Act (provisional)” which is currently responsible for Japanese language education for foreigners in countries and companies is also being considered in conjunction with this system.


[Contents of foreign human resource support]

“ Yellow highlight is done in a language understood by a foreigner”

(1) Providing life guidance before entering the country

(2) Meeting at the airport etc. when entering the country, and seeing off to the airport etc. at the time of returning home

(3) Securing housing for foreigners

(4) Implementation of living orientation while residing (bank account opening · mobile phone contract support etc.)

(5) Support for acquiring Japanese for living

(6) Responding to consultation and complaints from foreigners

(7) Information provision and support for various administrative procedures

(8) Support for promoting exchange between foreigners and Japanese

(9) Career change support during non-voluntary separation


This amended Immigration Control Law was established on December 8, 1990, and we will develop a concrete mechanism for enforcement in April, 2011. In the meantime, assuming nine countries including Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, China and Mongolia, In addition we conclude a bilateral agreement and conduct a Japanese test necessary to acquire qualification on the country’s signing site in order to protect human rights and eliminate malicious brokers, we are considering intergovernmental efforts to share investigation information. Also, the Financial Services Agency is considering efforts to make it easier for foreigners to visit Japan to open a bank account. Currently, concrete operation is being considered by showing the operation policy of each industry.

On this site, we will update the information at any time.

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