Service Fee for International services of Visa

The fee for our servises are as below.

If you have any questions about our services,feel free to contact us.



Our Services  Standard Fee  (JPY)     

 (※Tax is excluded and when the payment is made by credit card,the price may be changed)

 (※100JPY is approximately 1US$)

Reservations  (FIRST TIME SET) Free


※Legal consultation is not free of charge.

VISA Consultation Service (SPECIAL SET)If you would like to need more detailed analysis on your case, based on the hearing, we study your case in detail in our office and then prepare “Analysis and Proposal sheet” and provide it to you with the explanation.The contents of the sheet are;1) Your situation meets the requirement or not for the VISA you want,2) Possibility of visa permission (it will be our opinion based on the past practice)3) Plan and advice 10,000yen(Per 1hour)
Application for a Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence Consultation,preparation of document ,and submission to the immigration office)




Consultation + Preparation of document



Consultation and Correction of document

30,000yen~60,000yen (individual)

50,000yen~100,000yen (corporation)

VISA extension / Permission for extending period of stay Consultation,preparation of document ,submission to the immigration office)




Additional fee

for the cases of changing job and/or remarriage 40,000yen

Consultation ,Correction of document


VISA status change / Permission for Change of Status of Residence  Consultation,preparation of document ,and submission to the immigration office)100,000yen-200,000yen(individual)


Consultation + Preparation of Document

80,000yen~160,000yen (individual)


Consultation and Correction of document

30,000yen~ (individual)

50,000yen~ (corporation)

Accompanying service to the immigration office to hear the reason of the rejection of the application you filed.(※You can use this service before submission of the application in order to ask your question to the immigration for the preparation of application.) 20,000 yen(Osaka district immigration office)30,000yen (Other regional immigration bureau)《Contents》Hearing/Consultation (one time)Going to the immigration office with client to ask the officer the reason of the rejection of the application.
Re-entry permit 15,000yen~ (individual)

20,000yen~ (corporation)

If you request us to apply the Re-entry permit at the same time as receiving the permission of visa.

Permanent residence visa application 100,000yen~200,000yen
Naturalization for special permanent resident 120,000yen~200,000yen(Per 1 person)Additional fee

30,000yen(if you add 1 person 30,000)

Naturalization for foreigners without permanent resident visa 150,000yen~240,000yen (for 1 person)Additional fee 30,000yen(if you add 1 person 30,000)
Certification of Authorized Employment 50,000yen~ (individual)80,000yen~ (corporation)
Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted  15,000yen~
Short stay 30,000yen~80,000yen
Over stay 200,000yen~300,000yen
Legalization, Apostille etc 10,000yen~
Translation of the foreign official/notarized  document (mainly, English and Chinese) Basic fee 5,000 + 40 yen/1 word from the next page.※The actual expense(ex. correspondence fee : JPY 1,000 and postal fee) is additionally needed.
Correction of application document Consultation and Correction about all document)20,000yen~ (individual)

30,000yen~ (corporation)

Passport application support 8,000yen~
Incorporation of Kabushiki-gaisya 100,000yen~200,000yen(Tax 202,000)
Incorporation of LLC 100,000yen~200,000yen(Tax 60,000)

※Exculuding Tax


Fees above are applicable for standard case. Fee of legal process service depends on cases. In some cases,fee becomes higher than one above,and in other cases,fee becomes lower than one above.

And we could estimate fee of legal service after consultation before starting to provide our service.

When  we  think client case is difficult to have  visa,basically we  cannot support applying for visa.

And if you want to apply for visa by all means,we may apply for visa in some cases.

But we cannot refund fee in the case,even if your application is denied by the immigration.  

Normally, a visa or eligibility  can be issued from in 1 month to 3months if all the requirements required by goverment are completely met.

There are, however, some cases where referral  or more investigation is necessary.

In such cases, it may take longer. Urgent or express visa is not available.

But if you’d like to get  a visa as soon as possible,it would be better for you to leave this matter to an immigration lawyer.


Incorporation &Business Services


No. Item Fee in yen
(Not inc. tax)
Actual cost
1 Investor/Business Manager Visa application Service 150,000 4,000
2 Fee contingent on the success of acquiring an Investor/Business Manager Visa 100,000  0
3 Working or Dependent VISA acquisition 100,000 4,000
4 VISA renewal application 50,000 4,000
5 KK company establishment 200,000 202,000
6 LLC company establishment 200,000
(*Small LLC)
7 Branch office establishment 150,000 90,000
8 Investment report to Bank of Japan 15,000 1,000
9 Assistance for opening a company’s bank account 50,000 3,000
10 Creation needed documents to a tax office and submitting them 20,000 1,000
11 Book keeping & Tax Consulting
(monthly, within 2 hours per month)
From 30,000  Case by case basis
12 Tax Filing to Tax office & other authorities
(annual, tax filing. Charge will depend on yearly sales)
From 200,000  Case by case basis
13 M&A support service
(Support process & documentation)
From 100,000  Case by case basis
14 Application to change a company’s registration From 25,000 Case by case basis


If  you have any inquiries  about fee,please feel free to ask us.


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