Any foreigner cannot stay in Japan without status of residence as provided in the Immigration Control Act. However, other than the fixed types of status of residence stipulated by the law, there are also cases where the Minister of Justice recognizes certain types of status residence at his discretion. This is called the special residence permission, indicated by a provision falling under Long Term Resident.

Under what conditions, then, is the special residence Permission granted?

Although there is no clear-cut official statement on this matter, the Minister of Justice can grant a special residence permission when he sees it fit to recognize the person’s entry and residence. There are also cases of special permission proved as a result of complaints filed with the justice Minister to reconsider the deportation order. Other than those considered purely as Indo-chinese Refugees who have been officially granted residence in Japan, there are also cases of displaced persons(Refugees)who have illegally entered Japan and stayed behind, but have been granted special residence permission.

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